Xduoo XP-2Pro Bluetooth Headphone Amp Reviewed

Xduoo XP-2Pro Review

Xduoo is a Chinese company that has had a lot of recent success in the budget audiophile market with its excellent value DAP’s and amplifiers. With a range of no-frills well-made great-sounding hardware, the gained a lot of fans and now they look to expand their product line with Xduoo XP-2Po. This is a Bluetooth enabled headphone amp and DAC with a seriously good spec sheet and ultra-low price. We test this new model and see how it performs.

Where to buy the XDuoo XP-2 Pro:

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  • Compatible Systems –Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OSX, I0S, Android system
  • Output power – 300mW (320 load)
  • USB/Bluetooth – 20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)
  • AUX – 10 Hz-100kHz (±0.5dB)

    USB supported sampling rates

  • PCM – 16-32bit/44.1-384kHz
  • DXD – 24-32 bit/352.8-384kHz
  • DSD – DOP/NATIVE mode, DSD64-256
  • Bluetooth support sampling rate – 16-32bit/44.1 -96kHz
  • Bluetooth support formats – SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, LDAC, LHDC

On specs alone, everything is looking very impressive with excellent codec support and bitrates. The output power should be more than sufficient to power any earphones and headphones that you would likely be used in such a portable setup.

Does the Xduoo XP-2 Pro have good Build Quality and Design

Xduoo XP-2Pro

The build is excellent Xduoo just makes rock-solid hardware. Their initial offerings were always very industrial and lacked that wow factor of more premium brands. The Xduoo might just be them turning the corner because despite still adhering to their industrial cor there are a number of touches that make this a really good looking little amp.

The front and back of the device are covered in large glass panels it looks great but attracts a lot of fingerprints. It will also be more fragile than if this was an all-metal body. Likely a section of these glass panels may be necessary to allow pass-through from the Bluetooth ariels.

The chassis is all metal very well made with a dark gray finish.

The bottom of the device has 3.5mm input and output jack points as well as a vibrant red volume pot.

That volume control gives you very fine micro-control over the volume of the device. A volume pot is always preferred over individual switches due to the benefits of refinement. It deep knurling to help you grip it and it also works as the power switch for turning the amplifier on and off.

The resistance of the control is fantastic as is all the other switchgear, it has a good amount of resistance which in combination with the chassis acting as a guard stops the control from moving unwantedly in your pocket.

The left side of the XP-2 Pro has 2 buttons and a switch. The buttons are used to control playback and change the input source the switch is there to allow you to change between high and low gain settings.

On top of the device, you have two USB-C ports. One is for charging whilst the other is for connectivity should you not wish to use Bluetooth.

How long is the Battery Life?

In various tests during this review switching between gain modes and some hard to drive headphones, we saw some variance in the battery life. When connected with Bluetooth I found that about 13 hours playback was the norm which provided a couple of days listening for me.

How do you operate the XDuoo XP-2 Pro?

The XP-2 Pro does of course have the ability to be used in a stacked setup and wired to your phone or DAP but I suspect that most people will be using this with the Bluetooth connection. I actually love this idea, it gives me the ability to use my phone normally and still listen to high-resolution music.

In 2020 I just am not into doing stacking of my devices and I will either use a stand-alone DAP or something like the XP-2 Pro so that my phone is free to be used as normal. The only exception I make to this is in the case of small inline DAC/Amps like the Dragonfly units from Audioquest.

The pairing was easy following the instructions and it can be done through the traditional search method or through the included NFC which makes things super simple to get going. You hit the mode button on the side until the light at the volume pot turns to flash blue. From their search for the device in your phone and connect to the device. You will be asked if you want to pair at which point you click ok. When you are hooked up the flashing blue LED will change to a solid magenta indication the connection has been successful.

How does the XDuoo XP-2 Pro Sound ?

The sound of the Xduoo was of course excellent and a big part of that is the stunning codec and file support that is on offer. For a Bluetooth device, this is streaks ahead of where we were just a few years ago and I have been giving the XP-2 Pro way more listening time than I ever thought I would.

There’s a very slight hiss when not under load when using Bluetooth but this goes away as soon the music starts playing. It’s not that it’s drowned out, its completely gone and this was checked by playing music files with no audio inside. When using the cable this didn’t happen.

There’s not much you can say about amps and DAC’s other than the tonality and sound space and this does very well on both remaining very flat and balanced. There isn’t and emphasis anywhere as it should be and it displayed a lot of detail.

The most important thing is that it powers my headphones to their full ability and at the same time they get as close to transparent as possible. This has bags of energy with none of my headphones or earphones did I ever need to switch over to the high gain mode and my IEM’s and full-size cans were sounding full of life. Its a powerful little beast and I even felt like I hardly needed to turn the volume pot over a quarter on the low gain setting with the Campfire Audio Solaris.

A great sounding little device with absolute minimum if any deterioration over Bluetooth. Sounds great wired or wireless.

Final Verdict – Xduoo XP-2 Pro Review Conclusion

I went into the review of the XP-2 Pro with an idea in my head that this is a cool little novelty but something I probably wouldn’t use in the long run. As it turns out I have used it every single day to drive my earphones. Not just on walks either I have been using this around the house when working or lazing outside in the hammock. It works so well and sounds so good that I really am seeing this become a permanent addition to my gear for sheer practicality. The bulky DAP’s of course have their place but this thing absolutely rocks. To boot I also think of its incredible value for money. Highly recommended.


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