TRN BT20S Pro Review – Convert wired earphones to wireless

TRN BT20s Review

Today we have a review of a fairly nice product but one that I have really enjoyed over the past week. The TRN BT20S Pro is a way where you can convert your wired headphones (provided the cables are detachable) into a set of truly wireless earbuds. Essentially it is all the components of TWS but with no earphones on the end. Instead, TRN provides 3 options for connectors (2x 2pin models and 1x MMCX model) which allows you to plug in your favorite earphones and use them cable-free.

Pricing and Availability

To get the most accurate pricing information for the TRN BT20s Pro please feel free to check the links below

  • BT20s Pro on Amazon (Localized)
  • BT20s Pro on Linsoul (Worldwide shipping available)

*When purchasing a pair of BT20s Pro take care to order the correct adapter for your earphones.

Who are TRN?

TRN is probably not well known to most people but they have a solid history of making budget audiophile focussed products and have quite a following in certain communities. They might not be the flashiest brand but we have found through experience that their products are usually well made and do exactly what they say on the tin. The other thing we like about them is their pricing model for their products always seems like very good value for the money when compared with more established companies.

What’s in the box?

Not much to talk about here as there aren’t any accessories of note. In the basic packaging, you will find a zippable carry/charging case that has a rather large 700mah battery inside which is good for around 6 full charges of


TRN BT20s Pro Unboxing Video


How does the BT20S Pro Work?

For all intents and purposes, you should treat the BT20S Pro like any other set of truly wireless earbuds. You pair them up in the same way by turning on your phones Bluetooth and with a long press of the pairing button on the case. You put them back in the case when you want to charge them and you charge the case to keep them juiced up.

Connecting your earphones takes just a few seconds. On my set, I had the MMCX connector version which was quite handy as the majority of my headphones use this standard. The process in the exact same with each version, unplug your earphones from their cable and plug them into the BT20s PRO.

The case is a really good size and this means that you can have large earphones stored inside when you are charging rather than having to disconnect the earbuds from the wireless adapters.

The spec sheet of the TRN is excellent and you can see that this product has been aimed at the audiophile market. A lot of the features are aimed at fidelity and improving sound quality. APT-X/AAC/SBC Bluetooth codecs are all in place and allow for a higher bitrate streaming than traditional standards. They use the well regarded Qualcomm QCC3020 and this includes Bluetooth 5.0. The end result of these choices is better sounding music and lower latency which helps when watching video files.

In my tests, the sound was always better when using a cable but that was to be expected. I hooked my set of TRN BT20S Pro up to my Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 and I can tell you they are the best sounding wireless earphones I have ever heard. It really is a fantastic way to get better sound from a truly wireless earphone as you are not bound by the earbuds properties included on a full model.

I repeated this process with multiple earphones that I would consider great value such as the Shuoer EJ07 and Tape and both were a potent combination and I liked the versatility to go bag to a cable when wanting to step things up a touch.

I found them comfortable to wear over long listening sessions and I think I actually prefer this ear hook style to traditional TWS. The reason for this is that they feel extremely secure when you are moving around.


I always thought a product like this would be a great idea and I tried some early iterations of it and was left disappointed. However, the BT20s Pro has none of the limitations that I experienced. I found them to be rock solid with the connections, capable of driving most of my earphones, and really adding something of value to my audio setup. I will still stick to using cables while getting into listening sessions or reading but I have already started using these with the Shuoer Tape every time I leave the house and wow what a fantastic experience it has been. Finally, you can choose the earphones you want and have made them wireless.

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