Tin Hifi T3 Plus Review A New level in value?

Tin Hifi is one of the most successful companies in the budget audiophile IEM market, and the new Tin Hifi T3 Plus is their best effort yet. If you want to get one of the best earphones under $100 this year, then the T3 Plus is a solid contender to part you with your hard-earned cash.

A single dynamic driver powers the sound, but it’s far from your run-of-the-mill diaphragm. Tin Hifi uses a liquid crystal polymer coating to ensure higher levels of rigidity across the driver’s surface. This method can improve the overall sound quality, and during the process of this review, we tend to agree.

Packaging and Accessories

Tin Hifi T3 Plus packaging
Tin Hifi T3 Plus packaging

The packaging is fantastic. I rarely see this much effort going into such a cheap set of earbuds, and for a lot of people, it will add to the unboxing experience. They have done an excellent job of making it exciting to get a set of Tin Hifi T3 Plus. Everything premium feeling and tastefully designed. Stark white cardboard laid out in a beautiful presentation with separate accessories and IEM’s is what we like to see. It is what we get. Top marks for the exhibition, I guess.

When you get into what’s in the box, you can see where Tin Hifi has cut some corners to keep the overall price of the earphones down. I think that’s a smart move because much subjectiveness comes into IEM accessories. I prefer to see money spent on the overall design and sound.

We get a drawstring bag that users can use to carry the T3 Plus in the box. It offers no protection but will prevent cables from tangling your purse or pocket. Of course, a hard case is better, but I stress these are budget earphones. As someone who doesn’t ever use a case, I don’t mind its commission at all.

You get a lot of tip options, and they are all of good quality. I doubt anyone will struggle to get a good fit with the included options, and that will not cause further expense to buyers.

Its a bad cable – Replace it and you have an amazing set

Tin Hifi T3 Plus
Tin Hifi T3 Plus

The cable is where the majority of savings come. It’s not great despite being adorned with good-quality hardware. You have two-pin connectors, a metal slider, a metal cinch, and a metal 3.5mm audio jack. The downfall is in the cabling itself, which feels very cheap and is prone to tangling.

Again price comes into consideration. When buying the Tin-Hifi T3 Plus, I highly recommend picking up a good cheap aftermarket cable like the Tripowin Zonie or this 8-core cable from Faaeal. Better cables make a huge difference to enjoying the Tin Hifi T3 Plus to their fullest. Anyone buying should seriously consider either option when laying out funds for this IEM. A suitable cable used with these IEM’s make turns a very good IEM under $100 into one of the best.

Build Quality and Design

Tin Hifi T3 Plus are well made and look far more premium than the price would suggest.

Getting into the Tin Hifi T3 Plus design, I will admit I was shocked when I pulled them out of the box. Tin Hifi usually opts for metal bodies, especially in their T series (sub to Pewdiepie) IEM’s. The T3 Plus, on the other hand, is an acrylic shell.

They are contoured nicely to fit medium to large ears and sit with a medium insertion depth. They have no manufacturing flaws or poorly managed seams.

Metal nozzles have been chosen instead of using the resin shell for holding the eartips. A wise choice if you ask me, as acrylic is far more likely to break on impact. At the top end, we notice the two-pin cable connectors sit flush to the body.

Looks-wise I think they are right up there with some of the best looking models under $100. I wouldn’t call you out if you told me they sold in the 100-200 range, either.

The T3 Plus has a smoky finished acrylic through which you can see the sizeable dynamic driver sitting very close to the nozzle. This is unusual but must have been a conscious choice by the sound engineers.

The faceplate looks fantastic. It has a marble effect swirl in the paint, and the Tin-Hifi logo is subtle enough not to offend.

I think what I can say about the build quality and design is that the Tin Hifi T3 Plus is punching well above its weight. While they may not have the metal body of the Tripowin Mele or Moondrop Aria, they compete against them offer something unique in their own right.

Tin Hifi T3 Plus – Sound Quality

Tin Hifi T3 Plus Review with Shanlig M6 2021

We used many different sources when reviewing the T3 Plus, such as the iFi Go Blu and other budget audiophile players. What we came to find, however, was that the T3 Plus is just as happy while driven from a phone. They are easy to drive and don’t require any extra power considerations.

The sound is natural and clean, with an enhanced bass presence and smooth treble. It’s effortless to listen to and an earphone that works well with almost any genre. It’s fun, and it’s engaging. The overtone of warmth makes it enjoyable to sit back and relax for a fun listening session.

I found myself leaning towards EDM and Rap genres with the T3 Plus. I found the strength of the bass to be extremely rewarding on deep drops, even if treble could need more punch to emphasize the peaks. Sub-bass rumble is firm but not overdone, and the coating on the driver helps keep it composed with minimal bleed into the low mids.

The natural presentation of the midrange was a very strong positive. It made male vocals authoritative and weighty. Intimate yet with clarity and separation, keeping things from sounding thick. Stings benefit a lot from this as well, the ability of lower octaves to carry drama yet with things speedy enough not to sound confused.

The treble is perhaps the weakest point of the sound. Then again, that will depend on how much you like treble. I like sparkle and air to my treble, so was wanted a little more in the way the Aria would deliver. This also left the soundstage feeling smaller than if more emphasis was on this area.

Tin Hifi T3 Plus Review – Conclusion

Tin Hifi T3 Plus
Tin Hifi T3 Plus

The TinHifi T3 Plus is impressive for many reasons. It has excellent sound quality, solid accessories, and builds quality that makes them feel like a more expensive earphone. This is an easy recommendation for the price. It competes with the Mele and Aria for our offers of the best cheap earbuds.

If you buy the T3 Plus, definitely throw in an upgraded cable at checkout because it takes them to a whole other level.

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