Thieaudio Excalibur Review

Thieaudio really came into its own last year with the release of the stunning Monarch earphones. This represented a big leap up from their mid-priced offerings and offered an IEM with outstanding price to performance. Well, the Thieaudio Excalibur has just been released, and it is one hell of an earphone. After a few weeks spent with this beauty, we have to say it’s the best earphone we have tested so far in 2021. If you want to find out why I rate this so highly, please read on or watch our full video review on the Audio Levels youtube channel.

Thieaudio Excalibur pricing and availability

Thieaudio is the house brand of Linsoul and is available to buy direct on their website here with global shipping.

Additionally, the Excalibur can be purchased from Amazon here in available territories.

What is the Thieaudio Excalibur?

The Excalibur is a mid-price tribrid earphone (three driver technologies in a hybrid configuration). It uses a single dynamic driver for the lows, a pair of Knowles DFK balanced armatures for the midrange, and a pair of Sonion’s excellent EST (electrostatic) tweeters for the highs.

This approach creates a best of all worlds scenario where the key strengths of each technology are placed to present the corresponding frequency correctly.

ThieAudio Excalibur Build Quality and Design

The Excalibur has the excellent build quality and has a design in keeping with the Thieaudio earphone line. You have a resin shell fuzed to a metal nozzle. It is well made, and the finish is impeccable. The faceplate looks great with a half shell and half glitter design that catches the eye. Still, I would like to see some differentiation between models because, at a glance, it’s tough to distinguish it from the other models like the Monarch and Clairvoyance.

Ergonomics are great, and this is far smaller than the previously mentioned Monarchs. Therefore, I would say the Excalibur is suitable for use with medium and large ears. They comfortably fit in the outer ear and sit with a medium insertion depth, making them capable of blocking out a fair amount of external noise.

The cable is, as expected, wonderful. Linsoul and Thieaudio really are one of the leaders in including high-end cables and accessories with their earphones. The one that comes with the Excalibur is a beauty. It’s a quad twist braid before the splitter and two strands of dual twist after that point. It has all-metal hardware, and my model came terminated with a balanced 2.5mm jack point. There are options to get the cable in 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm stereo, so be sure to order the right one to match your DAP/DAC.

Doest, the Thieaudio Excalibur, sound good?

Absolutely. This is one of the best earphones I have heard all year. What makes it so good is the intense 3D presentation which makes it very unique. The tuning leans towards a V-shaped, but that doesn’t mean there are no mids. It’s just an energetic, fun, and super detailed sound that I could not get enough of. It’s one of those earphones where you want to keep listening and try out different tracks from your library. It’s jaw-dropping at times in terms of spacing and detail and works well with almost all genres.

The lows have a fantastic deep extension with copious amounts of sub-bass when called upon. It’s a do-all earphone that becomes a basshead earphone when required. It’s not about pure brain-rattling sub-bass either, as the mid and upper bass tones have magnificent texture as well as speed. It makes it fun and especially well suited to rap, pop, and EDM.

The midrange is smooth and immensely detailed. When looked at in combination with the overall spacey and airy presentation of the IEM, the midrange clarity further accentuates the feeling that you are getting to hear all of the fine details and intricacies in a track. Vocals sound gravitas and weight in deep male vocalists, but an upper midrange bump allows female vocals to shine as well. This transfers well into stringed instrumentation, which sounds extremely pleasing with very little interference or overshadowing from the highs and lows.

Speaking of the highs, this is the star of the show and where EST drivers really show why they are so highly revered despite being such a new technology. The air and speed translate into something mindblowing, and after hearing a good EST, it becomes hard to pick up my all-balanced armature earphones. It has sparkle but no sibilance, and it creates a huge soundstage that sets the tone for the rest of the Excalibur earphones. It’s three-dimensional airy, and heavily details focussed.


Is there anything bad I can say about the Thieaudio Excalibur? Well, of course, but in the grand scheme of things im being nit-picky. The first would be using 2 pin connectors; my preference will always be for an MMCX connector as I feel it is the more durable of the connection designs at this point. When you are spending $500+ on an IEM, it’s nice to have added durability. The other point I mentioned above is how similar the housings are across the Thieaudio product range. A little differentiation would go a long way.

Conclusion: Thieaudio Excaliber review

It should be pretty obvious at this point that I am a huge fan of Excalibur. They demonstrate some of the finest sound quality in their price point. The build quality and design are on point, and they include high-end accessories and cables right out of the box. I can highly recommend them for the money they are asking as I truly believe they compete with other earphones in the $1000 range. That makes them a bit of a bargain as well as a damn fine IEM.

Other Resources:

Video Review of ThieAudio Excalibur on youtube.


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