Shuoer Singer Earphone Review

Shuoer Singer Review

Shuoer came onto the earphone scene late last year with the release of the excellent H27 and tape earphones. Both of these models performed up there with earphones that were much more expensive and helped to raise the bar that little bit higher for the Chifi market.

After our winter break, we were pleased to return home and find a set of the new Shuoer Singer earphones waiting for us. They are pretty, I like the design but I’m not going to recommend them because performance-wise, in relation to sound there are plenty of better-performing earphones out there.

Packaging and Accessories

Shuoer Singer carry case

Gone is that cool little orange cylindrical box that we liked on the other earphones and now we have a more normal-looking black rectangular box. It’s higher quality than we would expect for something in this price range but we do kind of miss the companies original packaging.

Once you open it up there is a new carry case and unfortunately its the generic kind. I really like the hockey puck one that comes with other Shuoer headphones (even though it can be a bit tough to grip and open). the headphones are inside that case and we will go into more depth about them late.

Also in the box is a load of accessories that again makes me question how it is possible to include so much quality stuff in such a cheap product. It’s not like they used low-quality accessories or threw them in the box as an afterthought. Not at all, this is a great start to the review.

You get a set of adjustable filters (the kind you unscrew from the nozzle and reattach yourself), plenty of ear tip options in various styles and sizes and a very high-quality jack adapter. The case we mentioned earlier is nothing special but it looks good, is well made and far preferred to not having one included in the box.

Design and Build Quality

Shuoer Singer

First up I absolutely love the design. Aesthetically these are a beautiful set of earphones and I think Shuoer has done a great job with their styling on the Singer earphones.

The almost petrol blue barrel is a departure from many of the Chinese earphone designs of the past year which all seem to use the over the ear monitor style housings.

I’m a big fan of the traditional barrel earphone but only when done in a super small diameter like that of the Final Audio E3000 IEM’s. Small, light and discrete still has a lot going for it and so does the simplicity of not fiddling about with cable over the ear designs.

When looking t build quality everything is on point on the Singer. They have a metal body construction and metal grills on the outside to protect the drivers from damage.

The connectors for the cable are the older 2 pin style and not the more modern MMCX design. They are not recessed but sit very flush to the body with minimal gaming to the housing.

The cable is simply fantastic. It’s a stunning copper quad braid which turns to a 2 line twist after the splitter. All the hardware is metal and it includes a small amount of strain relief.

Overall they are a very well made of earphones that look great to boot, I love this design and hope that its something the go forward with if they improve the sound on future models.

Sound Quality

Shuoer Singer

Unfortunately where the Shuoer has really let themselves down is on the tuning of these earphones. Given the name Singer, I would have expected them to be way better sounding on vocal tracks but they have very little clarity and detail in the midrange. The bass is quite disjointed and almost appears unblended from the midrange of the earphone.

Its quite boomy and unrefined low end doesn’t just overbear on the mids it also appears slow and unarticulated. I like a deep but punch low end the singer, on the other hand, sounds overly heavy with no attention to textures and layering in the low end.

The midrange sounds washed out and very far back of the low-end unfortunately more so than you would see in a traditional v-shaped signature. It just sounds very far away from where the low end is sitting in terms of prominence.

The highs aren’t great either and that leads to a very average soundstage.

Shuoer Singer

Really there is no point in me continuing here and I think I’d rather spend time reviewing something else. While the build and styling are great the sound just isn’t there in relation to the competition.

Suggested alternatives to the Shuoer Singer

Shuoer H27 – Excellent construction and a great accessory set for a bit more cash you are looking at a serious upgrade in fidelity. Read the full H27 review.

Shuoer Tape – A serious audiophile earphone for a fraction of the usual inflated prices. This sounds amazing but it’s currently about double the price of the singer. Read our Shuoer Tape Review.

Tin Hifi T4 – The current sub $100 king in the earphone world. Amazing tuning and detail retrival paired with a traditional barrel earphone housing and great build quality. The cost around the same price as the singer and are by far the better option for the majority of people. Tin Hifi T4 Review.

Shuoer Singer Review – Conclusion

Shuoer Singer

As is the case with most products audio companies put out not everyone is going to be a winner. During the course of the Shuoer Singer review, I found a lot of positives in the design, build and accessory set.

If only those plus points could have been matched with the great sound we would have had a winner on our hands.

Shuoer knows how to make amazing earphones, the companies H27 and Tape earphones were two of my favorite IEM’s from 2019.

The singers not a terrible headphone by any means but the competition it is up against is just way too strong for me to consider recommending.


Additional Photos of the Shuoer Singer Earphones

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