Sabbat E12 Ultra – Bass positive true wireless earbuds

Sabbat E12 Ultra

I dismissed the Sabbat E12 a couple of times before a set finally turned up on my doorstep for review. At the same time, I was reviewing the Mifo E5 earphones and decided to whip these out for comparison.

Good true wireless earbuds aren’t easy to come by, but with a new company popping up every day it seems we are soon to be spoiled for choice. In this review of the Sabbat E12 I’ won’t say that they are perfect and I will discuss why below. However, for the price, in my mind, they are one of the best wire-free earbuds you can buy right now, especially if you like bass.

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Packaging And Accessories

The packaging for the Sabbat E12 is quite nice. Its a square box with clear graphics and pictures of the earphones on the outside. They also list a decent amount of specs on the box, so you know what you are getting.

On the inside, everything is nicely laid out and inset in protective foam. On display are the earphones, the charging/carry case, and the ear tips which have their own plastic holder tray. Underneath that, you find a few other goodies like the charging cable (USB A – USB-C) and a carry pouch for the carry case which to me seems utterly pointless.

The ear tips are all very good quality which was something I’ didn’t expect at a price. They have two different types of silicone tips in small, medium, and large sizes, and they have a single black rubber style.

Build Quality and Design

I got slated for the abuse I gave the grossly overpriced and frankly terrible Master and Dynamic MW07. Those things cost around $300. These which are about 1/5th of the price look a million miles better… the kicker is that the M&D earphones are meant to be the fashion-forward variant.

No, the Sabbat E12 is a great looking set of earphones and more along the lines of what I imagined a wireless world would look like. This is because when they are in the ear, they are one of the most streamlined models I have ever used. They disappear into the outer ear and sit flush instead of poking out and looking odd. They are one of the first sets of truly wireless earbuds that I don’t feel weird when wearing.

Build quality is good, but it is still an abundance of plastic and not metal, so that means that some extra care will be needed not to cause accidental damage to them.

Operation and Battery Life

Sabbat E12 Ultra

There are some peculiarities with the Sabbat E12 that you should consider before purchasing them. The biggest fault that I could find is that they lag just a fraction of a second when watching movies via my laptop and tablet. The codecs all point to them being able to handle synced audio, but I found this wasn’t the case. This isn’t an issue if you only intend to listen to music or podcasts.

The master unit appears to be on the left side, which is uncommon given the right-hand dominance of the population. In practice, it doesn’t cause any real issues, but rather is a quirk that you will soon get used to. The earphones are functional in mono mode from either the left or right earpieces.

Connecting to a phone was simple enough with a long press on the large button to engage pairing mode, and from that, you will need to learn the various button press combinations to adjust playback and volume etc.

Battery life was decent, and we achieved around 6 hours playback on the earphones at moderate listening levels and a charge time of 64mins on average to full

The earphones have built-in microphones so you can conduct calls, and in our testing, the performance was more than adequately provided you are not in a windy environment.

Finally, the earphones do have the support of Siri and Google assistant via a quick triple press, and we found this worked as advertised.

Sound Quality

Sabbat E12 Ultra accesories and packaging

It’s all about the bass and not much else on the Sabbat E12. These earphones have a powerful presence in the lows a recessed midrange and slightly peaky but not bad top end. These are not audiophile earphones in any way but the sound more than good enough to get the job done, especially given the price its hard to complain.

I always lamented the lack of bass on a lot of truly wireless earbuds, but the Sabbat has a lot of it in quantity. Its boom and it’s unrefined, but it certainly thump, and it has the most impact of any of the TWE’s tested to date. Combine this with another emphasis in the top end peaks, and it works reasonably well for hip hop and dance music.

The lows are prone to distortion but not the midrange which is in any case overwhelmed by the strength of the low-end grunt.

In short, it’s a consumer tuning, it’s bassy, it’s fun, it’s not perfect, but it’s loud and has an impact. If you care about sound quality at this price, then pick up a set of wired headphones, but if you want all the benefits of going cable-free then these are one of the best sounding bass options under $100 right now.

Conclusion – Sabbat E12 Review

The Sabbat E12 is not the perfect true wireless earbuds. However, in cases like this it’s hard to ignore how well they perform. Its also impossible to ignore how little they cost in relation to the competition. If you are someone looking to spend under $100 and enjoy a lot of bass then these are a great set of IEM’s for the price.

The design and fit are excellent, and I want to see Sabbat take this design-forward with the same shape and perhaps a refined tuning on the sound with upgraded drivers. If they could do that and fix the latency issue with the video playback, this would hand down be one of the best True wireless earphones on the market at any price.

I would recommend this earphone but be aware of the caveats outlined above before purchasing.

The Sabbat E12 are available to purchase now from Amazon, Linsoul and other vendors worldwide.

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