Labkable Custom IEM Cable Review: Blue Horizon

Last week in part 1 of stepping up to custom IEM cables I looked at the Takumi cable from Labkable’s flagship range.  The Takumi is a beautiful cable made to some of the highest standards, it looks cool and for the past few weeks has been an absolute joy to use with my UM Miracle CIEM’s.  However, for some, the Master series line might be overkill, and not wanting to put splash out by putting a Takumi on every one of my CIEM’s today I’m taking a look at another cable, this time from Labkables mid-tier range. 

The Blue Horizon Cable is a stunner.  Out of all the cables I am using is what I think is the best looking.  With its Octo braided vibrant blue cable going into a chrome 3.5mm plug, I knew it had to go onto my crystal clear Minerva MiArtist Pro IEM’s.  The combination of the blue and clear on the IEM’s make it look like an ice-cool setup and honestly look like they were made for one another.  

It comes with an octo-braid tubed design as opposed to Takumi’s flat cable design. The cable is designed to be extremely low impedance using a combination of silver wire along with low resistance solder.  The Blue Horizon cable has also received a special anti-oxidation coating to stop discoloration and degradation over the long term.  

In use now, it has been my go-to for when out and about sound is crystal clear just as it should be.  When considering a purchase, I think that the Labkable Blue Horizon also hits the sweet spot for a custom earphone cable.  Coming in at around $150 shipped, it’s a reasonable price to pay for something that is of exceptional quality and sure to last a long, long time.

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