KZ SK10 Review – Great Value True Wireless Earbuds

The KZ SK10 is a new true wireless earphone from the Chinese company Knowledge Zenith. The company is best known for its budget earphones that hit way above their price point. Boasting a hybrid driver configuration, Bluetooth 5.2, good build quality, and a sub $50 RRP we think this is one of the best budget TWS you can buy right now.Where to buy the KZ SK10?

You can buy the SK10 from many places online but we recommend you to check out pricing at the links below:

Amazon: Pricing and Information
Linsoul: Pricing and Information


– Charging Carry Case
– Eartips is S,M,L sizes
– USB-A to USB-C cable
– Instruction Manual


The pairing of the earphones was super simple and this can be done via the earphones themselves with a long press or via the button on the case. From there you connect using your phone or your DAP. The outside of the earphones has touch controls which we found to be very responsive and intuitive. A single tap to play/pause/answer, double-tap to skip tracks, and triple tap to enter low latency mode.

Low latency mode (otherwise known as a high-performance mode) was very useful at reducing the lag when watching movies or playing games.

Bluetooth 5.2 is standard here and the SK10 kept a stable connection to our device while at the same time I was able to travel further from the source before degradation of signal.

Battery Life

Battery life was around 6 hours which is 30 mins less than stated by KZ themselves but I suspect that was from listening at a higher volume than they would have in their tests. 6 hours is a good result and the case was able to recharge them 4+ times which gives you enough power for over a days worth of listening.


The KZ SK10 are a very comfortable set of true wireless earphones and do not suffer from being overly bulky. They have an ergonomically friendly shap that will suit medium and large ears best.

When upgrading the eartips to a pair of Final E Series tips you can get a very good seal and the earbuds stay locked tight in place.

Sound Quality

The sound is created through a hybrid driver design which uses a large-diaphragm dynamic driver to handle the bass and a single balanced armature for the mids and the highs. This is a good combination as it draws on the strengths of each technology and created far better sound quality than I had been expecting.

The bass is impactful and strong with a good balance of sub-bass impact and mid-bass speed. It’s not the most refined bass in the world which you would expect at this price point but it is far better than I had expected. The earphones are very usable with EDM, pop, and hip hop and despite that overall lack of refinement, they were very versatile and easy to use.

Mids are good and smooth. Nothing that will wow in the grand scheme of things but for the money, there is plenty of detail and clarity. The sound is inoffensive and works best with male vocals and stringed instruments as they carry some weight to the notes.

There was very little bleed into the mids from the low end which helped keep things sounding open and airy.

The highs are slightly popped which I liked as it gave more clarity and air to the sound than I got from the similarly priced CCA CC4. Yet despite that elevation, there wasn’t sibilance so many people will find them a pleasure to listen to IEM that won’t fatigue you in long listening sessions.

Imaging and Soundstage were good for the price. You will, of course, find better options in a wired IEM at this price but the benefit of the SK10 lies in them sounding good and being wireless so I’ll give them a pass.


Really you get an awful lot of value for money with the KZ SK10. It’s a good-looking, well-made, and good-sounding IEM that is also true wireless. Bluetooth 5.2 and high-performance modes fix a lot of issues I had with cheap TWS earbuds in the past and the sound might not blow you away but considering the price and the total package it’s easy to recommend these as the best true wireless earbuds I have used under $50.

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