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JBL Reflect Flow true wireless earbuds

JBL is a well known and trusted brand when it comes t audio and they have plenty of bluetooth earphones, headphones and speakers for you too choose from. Today we are reviewing the JBL Reflect Flow which is a true wireless earphone that is designed for sporty people that want lots of features but still need their earphones t be able to take lots of abuse.

How much do the JBL Reflect Flow earbuds cost?

The Reflect Flow had an RRP on. launch of $149 USD. However pricing varies online from third party sellers so feel free to view the current price from our recommended sellers below.

Do the JBL Reflect Flow have good build quality?

The flow have very good build quality but its not a premium construction. These earbuds are designed to be used for sports and having a high quality durable design takes the lead over fancy metal chassis’s and bling factor. They are designed t be used hard, most likely in the gym and running (al though they are more than suitable enough to be used in day to day life).

There is a two part build to it. The fist is the earbuds themselves which are made from some tough plastics with rubberized texture. The feel hard wearing and resistant to drops and scratches. The second part is the silicone sleeve that partly covers the housing and works as the tip section for the earphone.

These rubber sections have a few benifit for the buyer. They are incredibly comfortable as the soft rubber is the only part that makes contact with your skin. Additionally, they keep the earphones firmly locked in place even during vigorous exercise. They do this through the gripyness of the silicone and the in built ear hooks that lock them in place.

The grills on the end of the earphones are metal which is much preferred over paper filters and these will not require changing over time.

To round off the build we see that the JBL Reflect Flow has IPX7 waterproof rating meaning the are both water and dust resistant. Essential if you intend to work out with the earphones as it will protect from damage through sweating.

Battery life and controls

JBL claims a massive 10 hours of battery life. While that maybe is possible at lower volume levels I found that with the volume set at about 70% of maximum I achieved 8 hours which is still a good result when comparing to other sports earphones. You get and extra 20 hours of charge from the rather large carry case so that means most people should be looking at charging twice a week.

There are controls on each earpiece that cover the usual play, pause and skip functions but there is also another that activates a passive sound mode so you can better hear your environment. The controls work well first time and I did’t experience any issues with the interface.

There is no support for Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant

How is the JBL Reflect Flow Sound Quality?

Charging ports of the JBL Reflect Pro earbuds

Sound quality is tuned not for refinement and critical listening. It is a sports headphone and thankful has the enhanced low end that we needed to power though out workouts.

Bass is extremely powerful and what it loses in texture it makes up for with sheer impact and violence. It hits hard and the vibration extends right through the low end and deep into sub bass region where there is tremendous rumble. For a small 5.6mm driver I was not expecting such and impactful and hard hitting low end but it is one of the best features from a sound quality standpoint. When I’m working out I want that bass thumping and these did exactly that.

The midrange is warm and set back from the bass, it receives some smothering from the low notes but its an overall inoffensive if not slightly underwhelming experience. Vocals sound good and weighty but lack some punch and impact in the trade off for the more aggressive sounding bass.

The highs are inoffensive and smooth. The is no crystal clear audiophile experience yet they carry enough punch while sitting forward of the mids to make an almost energetic sounding earphone. No issues with sibilance was detected and this is a very non fatiguing presentation of the highs.

Overall I think the sound is best suited to someone who likes a lot of bass, has no need for HD music streaming services like TiDAL and Spotify Premium. People that just want to go about their day and work out with their headphones without doing too much critical listening will love these. They are fun and punchy and do very little wrong.

JBL Reflect Flow Review: Final thoughts and verdict

I would not buy these earphones if I didn’t intend to work out with them. A lot of the other options will have a more blinged out chassis and provide a more pure and balanced listening experience yet you will miss out on the rugged build and waterproofing that the Reflect Flow have. The sound on these is also more tuned for working out and when I consider them as a set of true wireless sports earphones they make a lot of sense and present good value for money.

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