Jabra Elite 75T Review

Jabra has recently announced that they have a new earphone coming out as we write this review of the Jabra Elite 75t. The new 85t will be a different earphone instead of an upgrade, and the features are significantly different between the two models. That means making a choice won’t be easy, but the variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

Jabra Elite 75T

What are the features and specifications of the Jabra Elite 75t?

Many desirable features on this earphone managed to take on Apple’s Airpods Pro in our tests and be declared the winner of our head to head. The most notable things that make them such a desirable earphone we list below:

Low profile ergonomically friendly design

The ergonomics are some of the best on the market, and the housings unbelievable small. They are one of the most comfortable true wireless earphones. Finding a secure fit was easy for all of our testers, and even those with small ears commented on how much better they sat in the ears compared to other options from the likes of Sony and Sennheiser.

One of the design’s main benefits is sitting with a low profile and doesn’t look bulky or awkward when you wear them. The 75t, for this reason, is a great looking set of earbuds in the ear. It is streamlined and clean.

The Jabra Elite 75t has excellent noise cancellation technology.

Full-size headphones will always have the advantage of their noise-canceling strength, but we have seen significant steps forward in earphones in recent years. Battery issues seem to have been resolved, and the noise cancelation’s strength seems to be on a par with headphones a few years ago. It makes them great for people who fly many who want to use them for commutes and inside busy environments.

We observed a significant reduction in ambient sound, and that translated to feeling fresher at the end of the day and having less fatigue. 

The ANC also does not suffer from the sucked out sound issue that plagues many other earphones in this class. While the sound alters marginally as you toggle the ANC on and off, it’s not unpleasant, and after a few minutes, your ears adjust to the new normal.

Fast charging is awesome.

With the volume set at around 70% and ANC turned on, we managed to get a full 7 hours playback from the 75t off a single charge. I feel that that’s about right for where the market is on non-ANC headphones, so I consider this a good performance.

However, there will be times when you run out of battery, and thankfully Jabra has installed a quick charge feature to give you a full hour playback from a 15-minute charge. A convenient and welcome addition.

Further on the battery front, while reviewing this earphone, I never had to hook up to the USB-C charger. Instead, I took the wireless charging installed in the case, and when I came home at night, I set them down with my phone on the charging pad. It’s incredible how wireless charging has now become an everyday part of my life, and the more products that include it, the better.

Does the Jabra Elite 75t have support for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant?

They certainly do, and this feature was added to the earphones sometime after launch. It can be button or voice-activated with your usual commands, and it works flawlessly. I used it to set alarms and reminders and even open up a few quick google searches when I was too lazy to type.

Is the Jabra Elite 75t waterproof?

They are, to an extent. The earphones have IP55 certification for protection against water and dust. IP55 means that the earphones can resist dust and water, but they are not fully sealed or completely waterproof. This rating is aimed more at people who work out as it provides plenty of protection against even heavy sweating.

What it is not capable of is being fully submerged for periods or taking sustained high-pressure water flow (i.e., if for some reason you felt like running them under the tap, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.)

With this level of protection and the way they fit so securely in your ear, these would be a great earphone for working out.

Does the Jabra Elite 75t have good sound quality?

Jabra Elite 75t

Yes. The sound quality is one of the best we have heard from a truly wireless earphone. Only substantially more expensive earphones like the Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless and others offer higher levels of fidelity. For the money, the Jabra Elite 75t has excellent sound.

The tuning of the earphones is given in more consumer tones that are leaning toward enthusiast groups. It features a slight v-shaped signature with an enhanced bass that is tight and punchy with useful extension. Speed isn’t as rapid as you would get from a wired headphone at this price, but it sounds decently textured and only slightly bleeds the mids. 

The midrange is smooth and warm; it has good instrument separation but lacks some clarity. Treble is laid back and rolled off; it’s wholly inoffensive and makes for a non-fatiguing easy listen.

The sound can be tuned from the earphones dedicated app, which you can download from the App and Play stores. It offers some preset modes and a custom EQ.

Jabra Elite 75t Review: Final Thoughts and Verdict

The original launch price of the 75t was around $199 USD, and you can regularly find them for less than that online. Even if you were to pay full retail for these earphones, I think you get more than your money’s worth because of the excellent features, top quality ANC and solid sound performance. Still great value for money and highly recommended by us.

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