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The Hidzis MS2 is a sub $100 MSRP earphone with a dual dynamic driver and a single balanced armature configured in a hybrid configuration. It is one of a few new Hidzis models just hitting the market and will be set to challenge many well-known budget brands such as KZ and CCA.

Our review observed that the MS2 are solid performers with good build quality from a resing housing with a metal nozzle. They are medium-sized housing with a shallow instantiation depth, so even people with small ears should find them comfortable. However, isolation was only average, and they do let some external noise through the largely empty cavities.

The MS2 uses metal nozzles with a protruding lip on them, which we often talk about favorably. This is because the metal is less prone to chipping or cracking when dropped than a full acrylic shell and the lip also keeps your eartips locked in place, so they don’t come off in your ears.

The faceplate design is nice and has a prismatic pattern that is a little too glittery for my taste but is well finished, and I like how they floated the Hidizs logo into the resin.

The accessories are good and well thought out. You get 2 options for the tips, which can slightly alter the tuning of these earphones. A harder and softer silicone comes in differing bore sizes. I like it and found they gripped the inside of my ear canals well.

The carry case is very nice. It’s a good quality plastic box with a gloss finish on the outside. The inside is lined with a rubber material that will give some cushioning to the earphones in transit while at the same time protecting, to an extent, from moisture.

The Cable is excellent. It’s a twist design with high-quality metal hardware and is tastefully colored in a matt black and shiny copper finish. It looks classy. Performance-wise, we found it can be considered one of the better cables included with budget earphones due to its resistance to tangles and pliable and flowing motion.

Sound quality is a fairly decent performer with consumer-friendly tuning that many people will easily get along with. The low end is enhanced to provide a bit of punch, while the midrange remains smooth and engaging. The top end is rolled off and provides a relaxed listening experience, but it detracts somewhat from creating an appealing soundstage.

Overall it’s an excellent headphone that sits right around its price point when we consider the performance. We like that it has a high-quality detachable cable, and the design is one of the best looking in earphones whose RRP is below $100.

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