Gravastar Venus Review – Little and Loud!

Packaging and Accessories – Gravastar Venus

The packaging is really nice. It’s a high-quality cardboard presentation box with an outer sleeve with a Bladerunner/Akira graphic design. Inside the sleeve, the graphics are continued, but when you open the panel, there is a short comic strip. It’s funky, cool, and definitely as plain and boring as what else is on the market.

Inside, you will first find the accessories and user manual sleeve inside the USB-c cable you use for charging. I think a small bag to keep it dust-free in transit would be nice but not necessary.

When you remove the sleeve, you get a first look at Venus, and I have to say I was very impressed. Certainly not what I was expecting.

Gravastar has a number of accessories available for the Venus speaker including a carry case and charging base.

Design, Build & Aesthetic – Gravastar Venus

Upon opening the box and catching my first glance of the Gravastar Venus, I was, let’s say surprised, upon pulling it out the box even more so. You see, as a Sci-fi fan and collector, as im sure many of you know, companies tend to lean towards an aesthetic design over functional. I expected something plastic or tinny, weak in the hand, and not long-lasting. The Venus, though built like a tank, is incredibly well put together, heavy, and almost all of it is made of dense, heavy zinc alloy.

Build quality gets top marks from me. The body and the legs are metal. The legs sit on chunk rubber platforms to reduce vibration. The buttons are big and chunky with robust feeling clicks. It’s just really well made, and for something that will likely be moved around the house, I like that.

I say moved about the house, but you probably think of this as a travel speaker, which it can be used for but is not ideally suited. They claim IPX5 splashproof rating, and the drivers are exposed as part of the aesthetic. I would advise putting it in a case when traveling or using the original box to keep the exposed parts working. The reality is this is more of a decorative device that is easily moved around the house and garden.

On the front, you have the exposed speaker diaphragm and the rear a vibrational chamber that produces a lot of bass for such a small device. The top has two main buttons used for pairing power and playback functions. Underneath the body, you have a USB-C port for charging the device.

In the way of available accessories (for which you will have to pay extra), you can get an official Gravastar to carry case for the Venus and a charging cradle which I think is a great idea if you keep it predominantly in one location.

The Gravastar Venus is available in four different colors, but there may be more added in the future.

I give them top marks; at this price, there is very little to complain about.

Features – Gravastar Venus

There are quite a few features on the Venus speaker but let’s cover the main ones.

First up are the controls. The Gravastar Venus is your standard Bluetooth speaker, and on the top, you get a power button and Bluetooth painting button that doubles up for playback controls. Also, there are two more discreet buttons on the top that allow you to control the volume.

Battery life: As a portable Bluetooth speaker, the battery life will be important, and the Venus does ok especially when you consider how loud it gets. I found it took around 2 hours to charge from the flat and that I got between 7 and 8 hours with the volume set around 75%.

RGB: There are RGB lights built into the device, which aids the gamer/SciFi styling.

Bluetooth 5.0: This allows greater range and efficiency, meaning you can be further away from the device and remain connected.

Finally, there is a small metal loop you can use to attach it to a backpack or belt loop.

Sound Quality – Gravastar Venus

So the most important thing about any Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality, and I have to say it is perfect for its diminutive size. With a couple of tricks, this speaker gets extremely loud and can fill a room to provide a satisfying listening experience.

There is a little lack of fullness in the middle because the bass and mids to upper mids are distinctly separate. This, though, allows the speaker to go very loud without top-end distortion. Pushing the venus up to the max levels and remaining fairly composed, I liked the clarity on offer and some of the detail retrieval.

Of course, something of this size will never have the full swollen lush sound of larger diameter drivers. It’s up there, though with another good sub $100 speakers, but there are also some tricks you can do to take it to the next level.

The front-facing diaphragm with a rear-facing sub-module lends itself to manipulation a lot more than a speaker that has front-facing speakers upward. Position means everything to get the most from a small speaker, and with the Venus, you should place it 6-12 inches off a wall on a hard surface. This reflects the sound from the wall, and since the bass is firing from the rear of the device, it is amplified the most.

I had the Venus and the Mars on my shelf, and my partner swore the sound must have been coming from the bigger of the two when we were eating dinner. She said it sounded incredible for how small it was, and I have to agree.

In terms of genres, I think that it works well with most. EDM and rock ran fine, but of course, we miss out on fullness and depth when listening to classical

Thoughts and Conclusion – Gravastar Venus Review

This was a surprise, to say the least. The Gravastar Venus comes with the goods. Being a sci-fi fan, I was willing to take a chance on something I would never usually take a second look at. This is no cheap toy, the build quality and attention to detail in the aesthetic design are fantastic. If you are bored of the rather mundane and borin’ rather mundane and boring-looking aesthetic, this is a great option if you like the styling. There are nice touches that keep the theme, like the futuristic sounds turning it on-off and pairing. Most importantly, though, the sound is excellent, distortion-free, and loud for its size. I had no problem using this as a bedroom or even living room speaker, and everyone that heard it was always impressed where the sound came from.

As a whole, I think it’s a great little product that offers a unique take on the design of a portable Bluetooth speaker yet doesn’t sacrifice sound. Keep your eye out as well because Gravastar direct seems to have a lot of promos on the site, meaning you can often grab them with significant discounts over the $99 RRP.

A great, fun little speaker and recommended to those who enjoy sci-fi, dystopia, futurism, etc. However it doesn’t just stop there, it gets sufficiently loud without distortion and gives a strong bass presence so I am happily recommending the Gravastar Venus on sound alone.

A great product that might not be to everyone’s taste aesthetically but it certainly impressed in the review. Recommended.


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