Gravastar Mars Pro Review

A few months ago we took an in-depth review of the Gravastar Mars Bluetooth speaker and came away impressed by the stunning build quality and very cool aesthetic design.

Well now Gravastar has another speaker that has just been released in the Gravastar Mars Pro and I think it’s only fair we give it a review to see what has changed.


The Original Gravastar Mars vs the Mars Pro


Due to variations in prices with many products we list and the fact that as these reviews grow old, the price often fluctuates, we have decided to list only the RRP at the time of review.

The Gravastar Mars Pro is listed at $229.95, but we noted discounts seem to be available at different locations. Please check the Amazon and the company pages linked below to check the current prices.

Link To Buy:

Packaging and Accessories

Gravastar Mars Pro - Powered on

The packaging for the Gravastar MarsPro is extremely similar to the original mod; it’s fun, funky, and provides that exciting unboxing experience that will make it a fantastic gift around the holidays.

It’s bright red and has a silhouette of the product that lays inside. High-quality materials are used all around, and the speaker is well protected with dense impact foam.

Pop the top, and you get a user manual which you will want to give a quick read to familiarise yourself with the speaker’s features and operations.

Liftoff that section, and you will get your first look at the speaker.

Im going to go into more depth in the next section, but boy does this make a good first impression.

I instantly liked it and spent a few minutes inspecting the design before diving deeper to find the only other included accessories, the 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable and a USB-C cable with a right angle adapter.

The right angle adapter is important with the unit as it has the PowerPoint located on the bottom of the speaker, so to charge without having to raise this off the ground, you need to use this or a similar style you can purchase online. Straight-angle plugs may have difficulty depending on the length of their strain relief.


Below we list the speaker’s specifications according to the company itself.

  • Audiophile-Level algorithmic acoustics, 2.5″ full-range speaker, and 1″ high-frequency tweeter provide crystal clear & distortion-free sound

  • Light up your space beautifully, create the perfect ambiance with 6 RGB Lights

  • The triangular support structure absorbs shock & ensures the stability of the speaker

  • Highly sensitive touch volume control makes volume adjustments simple & fun

  • TWS Bluetooth 5.0 tech allows two GravaStar speakers to work together at the same time

  • 15-hour battery life, take your party anywhere and play music everywhere

  • Materials: Zinc Alloy

  • Product dimensions: 7.5″H x 7.1″L x 7.9″W

  • Weight: 4.63 lbs

  • Full-range subwoofer drivers

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Triangular support structure

  • 6 RGB Lights

  • Touch volume control

Build Quality and Design

Gravastar Mars Pro - With legs collapsed

The build quality on the Gravastar Mars Pro is amazing. Not only that the new color scheme of the Pro model gives off a more sinister appearance that I really like.

The Mars Pro is a hefty all-metal unit, and it’s very, very cool. Having owned the original speaker I had no worries about the build quality and thankfully not a lot had changed. This is still a seriously well-made speaker.

The body is a large orb that stands on top of its mech legs that have limited articulation. On top of the orb is the control panel, and it also houses the large 2.5 inch dynamic driver and rear bass port.

The legs can fold. All of them for a tucked-powered-down look, but really, this position is designed to make the Gravastarr Mars easier to transport.

I like to use the Mars Pro in two positions, first with all three legs extended or second with the two front legs extended and the rear folded, which gives a more upward direction to the driver.

I find this is good to use on tables and countertops.

The legs have thick rubber dampening pads on them, which grounds the speaker and prevents internal vibrations from the speaker and surface vibrations. This, in combination with the weight, makes it sound way better than cheap, lightweight offerings from other companies.

The RGB lighting is in 6 different locations and can be toggled on and off using a switch at the back. It lights up the speaker, legs, and body.

The only less-than-premium part may be the 3 plastic buttons on top; it’s not that I have any long-term concerns, but the use of metal here would have been a good addition.

Overall I think it’s a fantastic-looking speaker for people who are the border of traditional designs, want something fun, or are just general SciFi fans. The construction is exceptional, and the Gravastar Mars Pro feels like a premium high-end product. It might not be to everyone’s taste, it is to mine, and trust me; the photos do no justice to how good it looks.

Operation and Features


The Gravastar Mars is a simple Bluetooth speaker that most people will operate easily without a manual.

When you press the power button and get into the functions, you will be pleased to see that customization didn’t end with the aesthetic. Gravastar keeps the theme going with the audio cues. When you turn it on, there’s a mechanical whir of a machine starting. After that (pairing, power status), commands are given as status reports. Nice touch.

With the speaker powered on, I long pressed the pairing button, did a quick search on my phone, and connected in seconds. From there, every time my phone and the speaker are in a range, they connect automatically.

Playback controls are also up top and allow the usual play and pause functionality.

Yet another nice touch is the power bar style touch volume control. Its smooth with a matte finish and runs directly up the speaker’s top from front to back. It’s very responsive and allows you to run your finger over it to alter the volume level.

The range is excellent, and I was able to keep the music playing from multiple rooms away. The Gravastar Mars has Bluetooth 5.0 built-in, which is the latest and greatest technology, allowing longer range and a more stable connection.

Gravastar Mars Pro Sound Quality

Gravastar Mars Pro Speaker Front

I was originally excited because, honestly, I had been so impressed with the original mars as an audio purist I found the boosting of the bass to have been done well but unfortunately, it overwhelmed everything else in the spectrum.

It doesn’t sound bad just somewhat disjointed and I think this could all be fixed if they allowed you to push the unit a few decibels louder.

For bassy music it is fine but for a more balanced option, I think you are still better getting the original version.

At the end of the day, the speaker is a trade-off for a combination of its cool design and decent sound quality.

I mentioned in the other review that there are other speakers that will go louder and have better fidelity like the Bang & Olufsen A1 and Minirigs 3 but with those, you just get a fairly boring presentation so it’s up to you to decide what is more important.

The body of the Gravastar Mars Pro is so good and spacious I really think they should have taken advantage of that and opted for very high quality and extremely rigid single 3 inches plus speaker to allow for much louder distortion-free playback.

Use that space to give us the awesome design and class-leading sound all in one package.


Do I think the Mars Pro gives anything over the original? Not really, the color is cool and I still love the design and build quality.

My issue is they have boosted the bass with little regard for the rest of the spectrum. The balance and tonality of the original Mars speaker were excellent so yes you can boost the bass but increase the gain on the mids and highs at the same time.

Keep what you got right and build on it. Because the bass was so prominent this drowned out the mids and highs making its lack of volume more apparent.

It’s still a great well made and designed speaker but if I were buying I would get the standard non-pro version.

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