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The CCA CX10 probably look familiar to anyone who has seen the latest slew of KZ true wireless earphones. The earphones all come out the same factor and as such are near identical in aesthetics and packaging. So now that’s out the way lets review the CCA CX10 for what they are a solid set of inexpensive true wireless earphones.

Packaging and Accessories

It’s about as bare minimum as packaging can get (unless you include any of recent Shozy’s pathetic attempts at boxing an earphone) it’s to the point, functional and inexpensive. A simple white cardboard box and the earphone box inside set in the foam protection. The accessories are also simple with these you just get a few silicone eartips and a charging cable.

Build Quality and Design

The build quality is good. They feel well put together with smooth resin shells bonded to a confidence-inspiring metal nozzle. They have a large vent on the faceplate for the dynamic driver and just above that, you will find a small LED mode indicator light. On the inside of the shell, you have a standard 2 pin charging connector for charging in the included carry case. Next to the nozzles is a flush access panel where the drivers would have been inserted into the housing. The nozzles are all metal so that adds some extra strength to the chassis and I like that there is a pronounced lip that will stop the eartips coming off in your ears.

I’m fairly impressed with the build quality. While it’s nothing to write home about it feels well made and capable of taking a bit of abuse. In the ear, they feel really comfortable although given the large size I wouldn’t advise them to people who have small ears.


The case is all plastic and its a nice small size. It has a magnet that holds the latch in place and has a battery status indicator light. Unfortunately, they are using a micro-USB cable and not a USB-C cable which is a pain in the ass in 2020.

Features and Functions

The earphones have touch functionality on the faceplates. Its the usual mix of single tap to play/pause/answer call double-tap to skip and long press to operate digital assistant. The earphones also have a built-in microphone which sounded distant and tinny in use so I don’t recommend using this function.

You can charge the earphones 3 times from a single charge of the case and playback time was tested to be around 3 hours depending on volume levels

Sound Quality

The sound leans towards the bassy side of things. These aren’t audiophile earphones despite the multi BA drivers inside they don’t have much emphasis on the upper or treble frequencies. They’re just a decent sounding set of consumer earphones and i’m thinking this sort of sound could easily have been achieved through the use of a sing dynamic driver unit. Marketing sells however so why not cram in some extra drivers and see who bites.

Bass is punchy and reasonably tight, it lacks a little in detail and texture but displayed decent sub-bass response. The midrange is smooth and warm and sits behind the low end as does the treble. Detail levels were ok but nothing outstanding. Treble is smooth and rolls off before sibilance making them a very easy earphone to listen to.


I know that sounds a little down but when we consider the price of the CCA CX10 they are definitely worth a buy if you are just looking for a reliable and decent sounding set to TWS. They arent going to break the bank and are lacking in certain features like APTX support but they get the job done and should be reliable in the long run.


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