Blon BL-A8 Prometheus Earphone Review -Amazing Design!

Blon makes good cheap earbuds. The Blon Mini and BL-03 were big hits for them and a win for budget audiophiles looking to get good performance at a low price. The Blon BL-A8 (Prometheus) is very different and very cool, yet the company has kept the price under $100, and after completing this review im inclined to think that these are some of my favorite IEM’s so far this year.

Packaging and Accessories

Blon BL-A8 Review - Audiophileon

The Blon BL-A8 comes in a white cardboard box with some company graphics on it. Nothing fancy it is small and protects the IEM’s in transit.

You don’t get much in the way of accessories other than a handy carry pouch and a few sets of silicone tips in different sizes.

Design and Build Quality

This one of the most innovative shell designs to be released out in a long time. They have turned a simple earbud-style earphone into and over the ear monitor. They do this by making an ergonomically friendly metal matrix. It’s hard to describe in words, but the Prometheus is one of a kind with its futuristic jewelry-like appearance.

Construction is all metal from the housing down to the nozzles and grills. I have to say they feel as good as they look, and I have no concerns about long-term longevity.

They use a two-pin connector with a very nice cable. It has a dual strand twist before the splitter and two single strands heading into the earphones. All the hardware, such as the splitter and jack point, is metal, and overall it just feels and behaves like a well-made suitable-looking cable.

The Blon BL-A8 is a gorgeous set of earphones and very well made.

Sound Quality

Blon Prometheus earphones

The sound is fantastic for the money and gives a natural alternative to people looking for a meatier sound that the balanced armature IEM’s at this price point tend to offer. Yes, multiple BA’s can be suitable for detail, but they always leave me wanting more when it comes to depth and impact on the low notes.

Of course, we have similar all-dynamic earphones at this price like Tin HiFi and Shozy, which are still good options.

The Prometheus sound is engaging, smooth, and very clean. I think it’s clear that a higher than the usual quality driver has been used to differentiate the sound from Blon’sBlon’s other earphones. I say this mainly because the detail retrieval is so good. The midrange detail is above average for a sub $100 item, but overall, it’s the blending that makes these sound good.

You have smooth and clear highs, slightly warm but very open mids, and a low end with a nice texture in the mid-bass while retaining some ability to produce realistic sub-basses.

It’s easy to listen to an earphone that works well will a wide variety of genres and is certainly competitive in its category.

Blon BL-A8 Conclusion

The BL-A8 Prometheus impressed me in this review. They got a lot right with this earphone with the stunningly beautiful design, the ergonomics, and the build quality. To top that off, they have a fun and smooth presentation of the sound, and this is one of the best all-rounders for the money. An easy recommendation and an IEM you should check out.

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