The BGVP DMS is the second of the companies earphones that we are reviewing. Last week we reviewed the DM7 which i thing is dollar for dollar one of the best earphones on the market today. The DMS from head to toe a completely different offering.

BGVP proved that they know what they are doing with their tuning and it shows in the following they have gained in a short amount of time. Im extremely excited about the DMS because of the inclusion of the Dynamic driver into their 6 BA setups.

The other BGVP Earphones

So the companies popular DM6 and now the DM7 are multi balanced armature earphones that come in the style of a universal custom earphone. These look like universals with the acrylic housings and balanced armature drives easily viewable.

The DMS is one of the companies hybrid earphones and comes in with 6 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver per side. The thinking behind multi driver earphones is that this allows different frequencies to be handled by different drives and thus put less stress on a single unit and in turn giving better sound quality.

Hybrid earphones take it a step further by putting in a mix of driver types. In this case the 6 balanced armature earphones are paired with one dynamic driver earphone. The thinking here is that the balanced armature earphones can handle the upper frequencies and the dynamic driver, which can move large volumes of bass, will take care of the low end frequencies.

Packaging and Accessories


There is very little fanfare when it comes to the DMS box and accessories. Its simple tastefully done and includes much of what you would want when buying a set of earphones.  The box is covered by a black sleeve with a graphic of the DMS earphones on the front and some very basic frequency information on the back.

Slide the sleeve off and you get to a recycled cardboard box. Inside the earphones are nicley laid out in the foam surrounded by a variety of different eartips. The earips are excellent and come in 3 different types of silicone in the usual small, medium and large. Oh and there is one set of medium sized comply tips to boot.

Below that and in its own separate box you get the cable that we will go into more depth about in the next section.

Build Quality and Styling


The BGVP DMS are completely different from the BGVP DM6. From the housing to the cable it’s a stark shift in design language and one that is very well done and not without its own merits.

Instead of an acrylic shell housing the DMS have an all metal body and have exceptionally good build quality. The feel like an industrial but very well finished bit of kit and its surprising that with so many drivers on the inside they are still so small.  

It looks like the drivers are vented with the BGVP logo but I haven’t been able to confirm that it is true venting or just done for aesthetic purposes. The housing is ergonomically shaped and small enough that even testers with small ears during the course of this review had no problem with getting a good fit.

The the nozzles are also metal as are the filters which will help extend the life of the earphones and at the same time. On the other end the connectors are, I am happy to say, gold plated MMCX and attach with a solid click and swivel smoothly. I much prefer this to the companies that are still offering similar earphones with a 2 pin connector.

The cable is again different from the braided one that you get on the DM6 or DM7 and in this case BGVP have opted to go with a black sheathed rubber. I don’t like it as much as they one that came on the DM7, I personally think that it is one of the best cables on the market period.


The DMS cable is not a bad one by and means, build quality is great, but when compared side by side to BGVP’s braided offerings it has a lot more retention of memory and its far more springy. Durability wise it looks good with despite it being relatively thin it is well made and has plenty of strain relief at critical points of wear.

Honestly, though i’m going to recommend you swap out the cable due to the fact that you can find good quality braided cables for very little money now and they greatly enhance the aesthetic and user experience. Not a necessity by any means but it would be a nice finishing touch.

Aesthetically the BGVP DMS are understated but attractive earphones. Their simplicity is reminiscent of the Oriveti Basic earphones.  For those that don’t want the shouty styling of the acrylic housed offerings and want the benefits in durability that comes with an all metal earphone then these are a solid choice but realistically it’s the tech inside that are the most attractive thing about these earbuds.

Comfort and Isolation

The DMS are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The housing is ergonomically shaped to fit a wide range of ears. Combined with the right tips you should have no problem getting a nice tight fit.

Microphonics are of course a non issue due to the cable being worn over the ear. Thats good because the rubber sheathed cable is the type that will be prone to these sorts of issues.

Isolation is average, nothing special and suitable for commuting but you will get some ingress of external noise.

Sound Quality


At first i thought this was going to be a heavier sounding earphone given the precedent set by the earlier DMG that was a bit much for me and I felt the low end to be overdone, also whilst I am a fan of treble i found the DMG to get to hot on me on many occasions. The DMS feel far more refined and the aggression has been dialed back that both these areas are still prominent they don’t feel overdone. The DMS sounds good.

The bass up front and these earphones can certainly go when they need to but its reigned in from the DMG by a perceived increase in speed of the driver and less bleed over to the midrange. Its a lighter tuning with more in the way of speed and texture as opposed to out and out aggressive sub bass but I like that they still left the ability for it to go hard when it needs to.

The midrange is further back from both the lows and the treble so if you are in it for a lush and intimate vocal and string presentation I don’t think they will be well suited. There is a tint of warmth to it which I do like and .

The midrange is clear and draws good detail. There is a slight bump in the upper midrange that The treble is bright and airy but its not overly hot. You get sparkle without sibilance but its still on the upper end of high notes and more in line with what I Like personally.

In comparison with other earphones there are a lot of options at this price point and i think the DMS sits to the better end of the middle off them. For less money you could have the 1More Quad Driver, MeeAudio Pinnacle P1, KZ AS16, Oriveti New Primacy and many more of the other Chi-fi earphones that have just hit the market.  

All of them sound good but for my money I would personally take the BGVP DM6 for my own private listening. If you listen to a lot of music that is particularly suited to a Vstyle sound then these might work better for you.


I really like BGVP i think their tuning is on point and they are one of the better asian IEM manufacturers to emerge over the past few years. Fans of the DMG will enjoy the more refined presentation of the DMS albeit that it comes at an extra cost.  

In terms of comparison with traditional brands like Shure, Sennheiser and Sony BGVP do offer a good value with this earphone and that is definitely something to consider. This is a soldi flanker to the tuning of the DM6 and DM7 with a more v-shaped sound and more elevated bass I’m sure it will have a lot of fans.

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