Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review

Beyerdynamic Amiron Headphones

Filled with the latest technology from premier headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic the Amiron Home is a mid-price audiophile headphone from one of the most loved companies in the game. With an RRP of around $500, they will be up against stiff competition from mainstream and audiophile brands, but with such a stellar reputation, will they be able to hold their own? Let’s find out in the review.

Pricing and Availability

The Amiron Home is a popular and fairly mainstream high-end headphone. As a result, they are available from many retailers worldwide. Please feel free to use the links below to check availability and pricing information.

Beyerdynamic Amiron – Build Quality and Design

Beyerdynamic Amiron

When you pick the headphones up, they feel like a very well made yet not fully premium headphone. They have the traditional robust build quality that is derived from the company’s respected studio monitors. There are just enough of those features that leave the Amiron feeling like a headphone capable of taking many years of punishment.

All of the headphones are handmade in Germany, and the finish quality is flawless. Material choices are excellent, striking the right balance of price to performance.

The headband and yoke section on which the open back earcups swivel feels very good, and micro-adjustment inside the generously padded headband ensured the ability to make micro-adjustments to the size.

The earpads are a lovely velour style, and they are big as well. I like that they went for this option instead of leather. The earpads, as with many of Beyers finishing parts, will be available aftermarket. If history shows anything, there will be support for this headphone many years after it gets retired.

Detachable cables complete the headphone, and entry is dual-sided. It comes with a 3.5mm adapter and a 1/4 inch jack adapter, so if you want to use these as balanced headphones or with an XLR output, you will have to buy a compatible aftermarket cable.

Do they Isolate well?

The headphone is of the open back design, so it offers no isolation from background noise.

Are they comfortable?

Yes. The Beyerdynamic Amiron is an extremely comfortable headphone thanks to its sizeable circumaural design and generously padded velour earpads. Inside the earcups, even large ears have plenty of space, and the ventilation is fantastic, meaning there is no build-up of heat.

The headband is also very well padded, and while not the lightest headphones (340g without cables) on the market, I found no issue in using them for a full day of listening.

How do the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Sound?

Beyerdynamic Amiron

The Amiron Home is not going to be a headphone you can get the most out of without providing it with sufficient amplification. They have a relatively high impedance of 250 ohms and benefit a lot from being used with an audiophile-grade amp or DAP. 

Assuming your source material and components are sufficiently good, then these are a great sounding headphone that delivers a rich and engaging listening experience.

Beyer has been refining its sound for some time. This culminating in the fantastic 3rd generation T1, which I was a big fan of due to its tonality. They turn their headphones for pure listening pleasure instead of being flat and unengaging monitor grade headphones. This approach led me to renewed interest in the brand, and I now consider myself a fan.

Bass for an open back headphone is very impressive in its deep extension and its retrieval of textured layers in the mid-bass. They provide a good impact at the lowest end yet remain tight and composed without being sloppy in the presentation.

Mids are smooth, and vocals (both male and female) sounded great. Clarity and resolution are mixed with a slightly forward yet not aggressive approach to sound reproduction. Strings carried excellent weight, and reverb and decay were a highlight.

Treble is where separation from the T1 tuning occurs. The treble is much more upfront here and with greater extension. Top notes in the music have outstanding clarity and feature prominently in the sound in front of the midrange. Should a track be poorly mastered, these are not a forgiving set of cans, and they will let you know about any deficiencies in your setup?

The soundstage is on the medium to the broadside, and there is plenty of spacing when you listen to them. I found it easy to place instruments and thought they sounded very natural and lifelike when replicating environments.

Final Verdict: Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Review

A good build headphone with some reliable sound performance keeps it very competitive in its price range.

Other headphones from Sennheiser and Shure will offer something different, but this is a unique sounding headphone that focuses on pure listening pleasure.

Bonus points are awarded because it is one of the most comfortable full-size headphones I have ever used.

To read more about the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones please view them at the Beyerdynamic Website.

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