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Todays review of the DD Hifi headphone adapters (Dongles) is going to be short and sweet. Ever since Apple started the trend towards the omission of headphone jacks from smartphone phones many years ago fans of fidelity have been left frustrated.

No name USB to 3.5mm (or their lightning cable variants) were often unreliable and cumbersome. Shorter models similar to the DD Hifi we are reviewing today were very poor quality. That left audiophiles with the option of an external Amp/DAC unit which many viewed as unnecessary bulk when just wanting to listen to music on the go.

After a few weeks of testing this minuscule dongle has became an essential part of my every day carry. I still love my wired headphones and with this I feel I am getting a reliable, small and effective solution to using them with my phones.

Who are DD Hifi?

DD Hifi are a chines audio company that started with producing high quality versions of accessories and adapters for smartphone listening. They have since branched out and have released their own in ear headphones which in their own right are extremely inovative.

They have a strong focus on catering to the audiophile market with their adapters coming in the standard 3.5mm jacks but also with 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced options. This means they can be used with a wide range of high end headphones without the need to buy a second expensive cable.

How do the adapters work?

The DD adapters couldn’t be simpler to use. You plug in the adapter to your phones USB-c (Android, Ipad etc) or Lighting port (Iphone) and then insert your headphones into the adapter. Music output should be automatically transfered through the dongle thus allowing you to listen to music “the old fashioned way”.

Why would you use the adapters and not wireless headphones?

Most audiophiles and lovers of audio fidelity know that there are compromises to be made when using wireless headphones. Typically there is a degradation of sound quality and the added cost of introducing wireless, batteries and other proprietary tech raises the price to where you almost always have better sounding wired headphones at a lesser price.

Another factor is that wireless headphones require charging. If like me you aren’t too up to date with this then you might be caught out with no more juice and no option to listen to music. The dongle is tiny so its easy for me to have with me an it doesn’t require any charging.

There is a downside

The one drawback to the design is that you cannot charge your phone while listening to music. Since you are using your phones charging port to play music you wont be able to power up at the same time. I don’t really find this a problem as most modern phones have quick charge functions and I rarely ever find myself out of juice.

Build quality and Design

The build quality and design of this little adapter is outstanding. Its all metal body is robust and on opening for inspection of the internals the soldering and anchoring points are far higher quality than I have seen on any other adapter (including apples own). Long term I think this is a really safe bet and the removeal of extra parts (normal dongle jacks have two heads and a cable) reduces the chances of something going wrong.

Those concerned about it working with cases need not be as there is a raised lip to match the contours of a regular charging cable so the adapter can be used with ease.

If your are looking for a headphone adapter for your smartphone this is a no brainer!

I know these adapters are not the cheapest on the market but in terms of form and function they are unmatched. I have had a lot of dongle adapters in the past few years and most seem to break after a few months. I think in terms of longevity this is a winner and as a result can save you some cash over the long run. Combine that with the fact its so small and unobtrusive and that they come in balanced cable options I can do nothing other than highly recommend you check them out. A great little product, very well excecuted.

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