The 15 Best Bass Earbuds of 2021 – For Bassheads!

It’s all about the List of the Best Bass Earbuds, not Treble!

Regular earbuds not doing it for you?  Feel like you are missing out when the track peaks and the bass drops? Maybe you are just a hedonist and enjoy turning that pink thing between your ears into soup?  Don’t worry. We are here to help with this list of the 15 best bass earbuds of 2021.  It’s like an earphone top 10 but with 5 extra earphones thrown in for good measure.

Here we are looking at the deep low-end rumble and copious amounts of violent sub-bass. However, at the same time, we want our earbuds to remain composed and clear, plus tight and controlled.

In the audiophile world, bass-heavy products are often (wrongly) shunned by fans of balanced and flat-sounding gear, but we think a good set of bass earbuds should be in everyone’s arsenal. Fellow bassheads know what’s up, but if you are new to the hobby, you should know that you can have a lot of bass without everything going to mush. 

Don’t make the mistake of lumping any of the earphones listed below in with the likes of rotten offerings from the likes of Beats and Skullcandy.  The earphones listed below are all streaks ahead and are guaranteed to bring a huge stupid grin upon your face. Let us begin.

What makes for a good set of bass earbuds?

To decide what the best bass earbuds are, you will want to know what type of bass you want.  Usually, one earphone is never perfect for doing all jobs. That’s why I always have at least one set of bass-enhanced earphones in my arsenal to give me more depth in the low end than a lot of my more balanced “audiophile” earphones like the Campfire Audio Andromeda can deliver.

When choosing bass earbuds, my focus is on having the best low end, with the rest of the spectrum (mids, highs) being less of a priority.  That doesn’t mean you have to go off and get trashy-sounding upper frequencies; plenty of earbuds can deliver big bass and remain composed.

Personally, in a set of bass-heavy earphones, I want a deep growling sub-bass extension with a big slam to fit in with the beat drops on industrial and electronic music.  I am looking to get as much sub-bass whilst still retaining good speed and some detail in the low end.  Other people are looking for a little bit of extra weight over what you find in balanced IEM’s but want a lot of texture and speed.  It’s a personal preference and in large part comes down to the types of music you intend on listening to.

Our Recommendations:

Most sub-bass
Campfire Audio Mammoth in Ear Monitor | IEM Audiophile Earbud | MMCX Smoky Litz Detachable Audio Cable | Glow in The Dark in Ear Headphone
Best for Budget Bassheads
Linsoul TFZ No.3 Third Generation HiFi in-Ear Earphone Dynamic Driver IEM with 2pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable (TFZ No.3)
Best Wireless Basshead Earbuds
Sony WF-XB700 EXTRA BASS True Wireless Earbuds Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call Bluetooth Technology, Black
Campfire Audio Mammoth
TFZ No.3
Sony XB700 TWS
Driver Type
Hybrid 2x BA 1x Dynamic
Editors Comments
Massive sub bass response making them the heaviest bass on our list. The price to performance is excellent.
Our recommendation for bassheads on a budget. For those looking for big impact without breaking the bank.
The biggest bass we have heard in a wirless earphone. Well made and great battery life
Most sub-bass
Campfire Audio Mammoth in Ear Monitor | IEM Audiophile Earbud | MMCX Smoky Litz Detachable Audio Cable | Glow in The Dark in Ear Headphone
Campfire Audio Mammoth
Driver Type
Hybrid 2x BA 1x Dynamic
Editors Comments
Massive sub bass response making them the heaviest bass on our list. The price to performance is excellent.
Best for Budget Bassheads
Linsoul TFZ No.3 Third Generation HiFi in-Ear Earphone Dynamic Driver IEM with 2pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable (TFZ No.3)
TFZ No.3
Driver Type
Editors Comments
Our recommendation for bassheads on a budget. For those looking for big impact without breaking the bank.
Best Wireless Basshead Earbuds
Sony WF-XB700 EXTRA BASS True Wireless Earbuds Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call Bluetooth Technology, Black
Sony XB700 TWS
Driver Type
Editors Comments
The biggest bass we have heard in a wirless earphone. Well made and great battery life

Best for Rock, Classical & Jazz

Rock, classical, and jazz will all have bass.  It’s just that it might not be as emphasized as it is in other genres.  In these music classes, bass usually becomes more of a background, whereas, in a lot of modern music, the bass is the emphasized point with deep drops and heavy hits.  So, in this case, you would be looking for earbuds whose bass comes across as detailed, speedy, and with minimal bleed (smothering of other frequencies) into the midrange.  From this list, I would suggest looking at the FLC8, Audio Technica’s, and Yamaha EPH-100 or taking a look at some of our other top 10 and list articles for a good set of all-rounder earphones.

What if your main genres are Rap, Hip-Hop, EDM, Electronica, and Dubstep?

The emphasis and enjoyment in Rap, HipHop, and electronic have many to do with the bass.  It usually plays a far bigger part in the composition of a song and stands more in the ground than you will find in rock and classical.  In that sense, any of these earphones are going to be perfect for you.  They will give you some of the best expansion of the low end and some of the largest quantities of bass.  Sub-bass is not easy to recreate in a small driver in-ear headphone, but these are the best way to create that big speaker rumble in a portable form factor.


Mangrid Xenns Up – Simply The Best

Mangrid Xenns Up earphones
Winner Best Bass Earbuds 2021 – Mangrid Xenns Up

Tribrid earphones are all the rage right now but up until the release of the Mangrid Xenns Up in 2021 we didn’t have any that had a focus on the low end. Especially when talking about the sub-bass response. The Xenns Up are more than just the best basshead earphones they are one of the best earphones at their price point competing with the likes of Thieaudio and Shuoer.

Stunning build quality and aesthetic design are another bonus with the resin shells having to go in a particular dark and broody style that fits the tuning of these high-end IEM’s. Cables and accessories are also on point and it’s a great all-around package.

The sound is amazing. This is not just an earphone for bassheads but one that sounds incredible with a wide variety of musical genres. With its tribrid design using electrostatic, balanced armature, and dynamic driver units it excels in all areas of the sound spectrum and is refined and detailed.

However despite being so refined the Xenns Up can deliver enormous amounts of bass when called upon and does so with both quantity and quality. It’s perfect for any type of rap hip hop EDM etc.

Buy the Xenns Up with international shipping from


Blon BL03 and carry pouch
Blon BL-03 Best Budget Bass-head earphones

Big bass doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag.  What better way to show that than with the Blon BL-03 which is hands down the biggest bang for the buck this year.

Blon has been around for a few years now and has had a number of successes with making high-quality yet affordable earphones. Most of those have been with a flatter sound signature but with the BL-03 the focus is on the bass and for the price, nothing comes close. 

The midrange still manages to remain composed, although there is little in the way of top-end sparkle; for the price, I am really struggling to think of another budget bass-heavy earbud that can come close to matching them.

The price which you can check in the link below is spot on for these but to get there Blon took shortcuts with the included tips and cable. I recommend buying this aftermarket cable and these eartips which will give you one hell of a package around the $50-60 price point. All in this combo cannot be beat and it’s the best value bass.

For those who want to know more about the FX1X, then definitely check out our full review of them and their more mellow brother, the FX 101.

Read our full Blon BL-03 review here.

Campfire Audio Vega

Campfire Audio Vega 2020 with cable and carry case
Campfire Audio Vega 2020 – Best Earphones for Bass List

The Vega 2020 by Campfire Audio is a special earphone because it blends a high-quality premium design with refined audiophile tuning. That tuning, though, is very much aimed at lovers of deep hard-hitting bass.

It stands out in 2021 as one of the best-sounding basshead earphones of all time, and the white ceramic body is just stunning to look at. They are small but hit with copious amounts of sub-bass yet maintain a distinct clarity throughout the other frequencies. It can be used easily as an all-around headphone and works well with a variety of genres. It’s when you put on some bass-heavy music, though, they start to show what they are made of, displaying texture, quantity, and quality in abundance.

They are one of the most expensive sets of earbuds on our list but well worth it if you have money to burn.

Review of the Campfire Audio Vega 2020.

Thieaudio Excalibur – A HARD HITTING PREMIUM IEM

Thieaudio Excalibur tribrid earphones

Easily one of the best earbuds for bass in 2021, the Thieaudio Excalibur came from absolutely nowhere. A new addition to the company triples hybrid IEMs contains electrostatic tweeters for the highs, balanced armatures for the mids, and a large dynamic driver for deep bass. What they produced is not only one of the best bass earphones in the world but hands down one of the best in-ear headphones in the world.

They have a beautiful presentation on the right through the spectrum, a gigantic soundstage, 3D presentation, and heavy some of the heaviest bass around. 

These earphones are a premium offering but are definitely worth it if they will be your main set of earphones.  Monstrous bass is the order of the day.  True deep sub-bass that only a few others on this list can match. 

We like that you can open and close the bass ports to fine-tune the output of the earphones to suit your taste, but they have one other trick that adds a level of refinement. 

I would consider them as the single best all-around earphones on this list, and the only reason it isn’t higher up is that the price is a bit high for most folk. However, if you consider yourself an audiophile basshead, these are impossible to beat right now.

Thieaudio Excalibur Review at Audiophile On

Thieaudio Excalibur Website

Yamaha EPH-100

Yamaha EPH-100 earphones with Colorfly C3 DAP
Yamaha EPH-100 – Best Basshead IEM List

It would help if you considered the Yamaha EPH-M200 and EPH-100 to be essentially the same sound.  Sonically there is very little that separates them, and that is a perfect thing. Now users choose which style of earbuds they want to use if you don’t like the build and style on one, then try the other.

Both of these earphones are kings of the electronic, EDM, and Dubstep genres.  The Bass is fast, tight, and punchy with a rich midsection and laid-back treble.  The 200 also has that wide soundstage and black background that many Yamaha earbuds are known for.

We prefer the EPH-100 due to its build quality, smaller size, and excellent noise isolating properties, but if you are on a budget, then it’s well worth checking out the M200 as well.

Read our full Yamaha Eph-100 Review

TFZ No.3

TFZ No.3 earphones
TFZ No.3 – Best Basshead Earphones List

It isn’t the biggest name to mainstream consumers but online, and in the audiophile communities worldwide, plenty of people know exactly who TFZ is. This Asian HiFi bucked the local trend for earphones with more emphasis on treble than the low end to create the number 3.

This earphone matches and probably exceeds all others on this list when talking about an all-out quantity of bass. It hits unbelievably hard but still keeps itself composed when things get crazy.

The design is also something a lot of people like. It has a monitor design with the cable meant to be worn over the years, and it looks stunning with the clear acrylic shell, which lets users view the massive dynamic driver that powers the earbuds from the inside.

It is a great match for EDM and Hip hop lovers; not as versatile as the Vega, but it’s 1/10 the price and outstanding value for what it delivers.

TFZ No.3 Review

Sony IER-M7

Sony IER-M7 earphones

The Sony IER-M7 is an all-out audiophile IEM and is one of the best earphones that Sony has ever made. 

The driver is tuned to perfection and has a wonderfully natural, detailed, and spacious sound.  Soundstage is about as close as we have heard to a full-size headphone in such a small form factor, and we were also impressed by the imaging that these earphones displayed. 

Bass does whatever you want, which is a testament to how perfect an all-rounder the M7 is. 

If you want them to go big and slam hard, they can do that, but if you want them to remain tight and composed, they can do that too.  Top-notch build quality and a great set of accessories round off a very comprehensive and complete package. 

Westone W60

Westone W60 earphones

We had to wait a long time for Westone to bring out the W-series monitor line, but boy, was it worth the wait.  Westone managed to stuff 6 drivers in each earpiece for the W60, and the result is the best-sounding bass head IEM’s the company has ever produced.  They are incredibly comfortable and have a build quality that can rival Shure’s SE846. 

The accessories package is ridiculous, giving you cases, tips, faceplates, and cables to play about with and customize your earbuds.  The sound is warm and almost lush.  Yet, it is highly detailed and revealing on high-quality tracks. 

The most amazing thing is how it transforms itself from a consummate professional style monitor to a snarling beast when paired with the right music.  You get a smooth yet clear treble, warm, almost creamy midrange, and a low end with both high levels of quality and quantity. 

It’s a super fun-sounding earphone with an exciting and dynamic presentation, and that’s probably why I just bought a set, and you can see the full Westone W60 review in the coming months.

Westone W60 site here.

SHURE SE-846 Bluetooth

Shure SE846 exploded diagram of headphone construction

There is little that needs to be said about the stunning Shure SE-846.  Not only do these earbuds have some of the best sound on the market, but they also have some of the best bass.  

What is really impressive is the way it can get extremely low and never once lose composure.  It’s never flabby, it never seems strained, and it never negatively affects the mids or highs.  

Though it’s one of the pricier offerings on this list, it will be one for the bass head aficionados.  

Layered with that Shure house sound and lots of technical detail, the 846 might be the perfect bass earphone you can buy in 2021.

The best thing is now Shure includes their high-quality Bluetooth cable on these earphones, meaning they are now wireless, but without a lot of the drawbacks you get from truly wireless earbuds. If you run out of battery, you can plug in a set of MMCX cables and keep listening whilst also getting the benefit of being able to use them with many high-end amps and DAC’s to push them to their limit.

Final Audio E3000

Final Audio e3000 earphones
Final Audio e3000

I picked up a pair of the E3000 a few months ago, and it’s telling that an earbud that costs under $100 has become one of my most used day-to-day items.

Final produced something extraordinary here as the ability to go low and produce lots of bass matched with a beautiful big soundstage and lots of detail.  

Definitely, one of the best budget buys, and to get similar sound from other brands; you would need to spend two to three times the price of the E3000.  

Full Final Audio E3000 Review

SONY XB700 (Wireless)

Sony XB700 extended bass earphones

Sony is one of the only companies to dedicate a set of true wireless earbuds for bass. Most manufacturers know that bass can be polarising, so they are playing it safe when wireless earbuds are still becoming the norm. Sony has the resources and depth of its product line and consumer base to pull this off, and the XB700 certainly hit the mark for bassheads.

Users get all the advantages we see on other Sony models, such as IPX4 water resistance, stellar battery life (9 hours), and comfortable ergonomic design. Still, it is the bass performance that will move these out the door.

The earphones get deafeningly loud without distortion and have immense amounts of textures and deep sub-bass. Its speed in the mid-bass also impressed me with its ability to keep up on complicated EDM tracks whilst not bleeding into the midrange was impressive, to say the least.

Stunning set of bass focussed Bluetooth earbuds, and I suspect it will be one of Sony’s most popular models this year.

Campfire Audio Mammoth

The most bassy earbuds on this list – The Campfire Audio Mammoth IEM

The Campfire Audio Mammoth is the most bass-heavy earphones on this list and hit harder than any other. That makes them a master of one trade but less versatile for all-around listening. However, the sheer amount of sub-bass response on this set of stunning earphones is unmatched and they deserve a mention when discussing any list of the best earphones for bass.

With the Mammoth, you are treated to that legendary Campfire Audio design and styling. The build quality is the best we have seen on any earphone and the new color scheme really stands out.

When it comes to the tuning it is extremely bass focussed with a heavy emphasis on the sub-bass. A deep speaker like rumble can be expected and these are a dream for use with heavy electronic music.

However, a caveat has to be made that if buying these they should be purchased as a complementary model to a more balanced IEM in your collection. Otherwise, you had better be sure that the majority of listening done with them is bass-heavy genres. Versatile all-rounders they are not but absolute bangers they are.

How to get even more bass earbuds?

You may already have a good set of earbuds tuned towards the balanced or analytic category.  Or you might have one of the earbuds listed above in the above top list and be a sadist and still want to push a little something extra out of the low end.  There are still a few ways you can get even more bass out of your earphones and headphones without outright replacing them. 

Firstly you could look into enhancing the bass by way of customizing your EQ settings.  On Android-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, and DAP’s I recommend using a Neutron player and enhancing the bass via the excellent custom EQ options.  Most Android and IOS music player apps have settings that will let you enhance the bass but remember this won’t always work out well, and there is a little bit of a learning curve for effective operation.

Amplifiers with bass enhancement functions. Many amplifiers have an option to enhance the bass on your earbuds by way of a dedicated bass boost switch.  Fiio is one company that offers this on a lot of their amplifiers, and in our experience, it happens to work rather well.  Then there is a little-known inline sound amp called the Digizoid Zo.  The Zo is one of my all-time favorite pieces of audio equipment. It makes even crappy speakers sound awesome and does wonders to enhance the low-end response of your earphones.

Finally, there is the possibility that you can do several DIY hardware modifications that may help you in your quest for deeper bass.  This can range from something as simple as tip rolling (the act of trying different tips) to modifying bass ports on the earphone’s housing to give a little low-end bump.  While this is a long shot, it’s worth having a search of the head-fi forums to see if there are any recommended modifications you can do to your current set of IEM’s.

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