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Anker has been a great job of diversifying its product line over the past few years, and their entry int the true wireless earbud market has already caused quite a stir. The Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 keeps right in line with the companies terrible naming scheme for its products. Thankfully, it also keeps in line their reputation for offering solid earphones at an excellent price. This review will look at what you should expect if you buy the Spirit X2, but we will also be making some comparisons to the Powerbeats Pro. 

Where to Buy the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2?

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 are available to buy from many online vendors and even in some brick and mortar stoores. Please click any of the links below to view up to date pricing information for this earphone.


Who is the Spirit X2 designed for?

The Soundcore Spirit X2 makes no mistake is aiming right for the market of the Powerbeats Pro. They are to be used by people who are going to be working out. To be long-lasting, hardwearing, robust, and fun sounding. All the qualities making an excellent earphone for the gym, running, or just generally being active. 

However, I don’t think that you have to limit yourself to using them for working out. In the course of the Spirit X2 review, we found them to be robust performing all-rounders that offer something different from the traditional all in one earbud style.

What does the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 have to offer?

Here are some of the specs of the Soundcore Spirit X2 that caught our eye:

  • 12mm oversized dynamic driver with nano-coating to resist corrosion from sweat
  • IP68 water resistance 
  • Claimed 9-hour battery life (8hrs 25 mins in our tests)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX support for lossless music streaming
  • Earhook design for increased stability during movement

What is Build Quality like?

These are a solid set of earphones, very well made and with good materials. Certainly not what I had expected on an earphone with an RRP of under $100. They feel very good in hand with no week points to the chassis and plenty of rigidity in the body. I liked the soft-touch matte finish, which provided a better grip than shiny with sweaty hands.

The case is one big bulky unit. It’s undoubtedly not sleek and as pocket-friendly as an Airpod case, but it does hold enough juice for four full charges of the earphone. In combination with the battery, the size of the earbuds makes it a necessity to be this big. Its a well-made plastic case with a rubberized texture finish and a robust closing mechanism to make sure they don’t fall out when you through them in a backpack.

Overall they are very well made, and I would say superior. 

Do the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 feel secure when working out?

I have reviewed a few truly wireless earbuds with the ear hook style, and some of them felt a bit fiddly. I even found the ones with the bulk of the electronics that sit behind the ear to be downright cumbersome. 

These earphones keep the bulk of the mass in the forward position with the ear hook. It seems to be used solely for stability and not to cram bulky battery and disguise it behind your ear. It helps the earphone’s balance a lot. Behind the ear battery earphones, have the tendency was for movement to pull the earphone away from the ear and outward, thus breaking the seal. 

The Spirit X2 inserts in a rotational manner where you insert the earphones and rotate the guides backward over the ear, thus locking them in place. These were so secure in the place that they never came out even once during training. They are very solid and very secure when inserted correctly, and they stay there even when being active. I found this to be one of the most significant advantages the Soundcore Spirit X2 had over the Powerbeats Pro while working out.

Pairing & Charging

If you are familiar with true wireless earphones, then you probably already know about pairing and charging. 

Charging is all done inside the carry case, which has an in-built battery, so there is no need to plug the earphones into a power source. You lay them on their sides and into the grooves on the inside of the case. That will line the charging pins on the earphones up with the ones on the case.

To pair the earphone is also very simple. You remove the earbuds for the case for the first time, and they will automatically go into pairing mode. You then take your device, most likely a smartphone for most users, and search for the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 in your Bluetooth setting. One-click on that you should be paired up, and there is no necessity to repeat the process every time you want to use them. As long as your Bluetooth is on when you remove them from the case, they should automatically pair with your device.

Is this the right Sound Quality for working out?

These earphones are not tuned for your everyday listening experience. They are tuned for working out, and as such, they provide a slightly unrealistic but fun sound to the music that will fuel your workouts and get you pumped up and ready to go.

Right out the box, we see that they have a very strong and prominent bass response with both amplified sub and mid-bass. They have a punch and kick to them that gets you going, but their lack of refinement and texture you find in more balanced earphones replaced by sheer quantity and impact of the bass of the Spirit X2.

Mids are warmish while being forward and direct. It puts vocals square in your face and is a very aggressive tuning. You will find yourself singing along while running, but it would need a more nuanced approach to be every day listen.

Treble is again energetic and enhanced, which worked well in combination with the prominent low end on EDM music that crescendos with peaking highs before blasting you with the more in-depth notes. It was good fantastic while working out but too full on after a few hours without a break.

As an everyday headphone to listen to at the office or on a commute, I think the tuning would be too intense, but it’s banging on what I like when working out.

Are the Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 worth buying? Are they a budget Powerbeats alternative?

If you are an active person looking for a set of earphones to work out with, I can highly recommend the Spirit X2. The highlight here was the design’s stability, which allowed me to move in every direction while working out without losing seal or falling out. 

These would be a perfect wireless earphone for CrossFit and other sports that require a lot of lateral and vertical movement. The focussed bass sound, and the inclusion of an IP68 waterproof rating means they will keep going long after other earphones have given up. 

If you are looking for an earphone to do more than just the gym, you should look elsewhere, but for working out, these are top of my list under $100.



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