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What is the Best Audio Format? – Getting the most from Hi-Res Audio Files

Is Flac best? How about WAV? Maybe MP3. Audiophile On takes a look at what the best audio format is right now and why Hi-Res audio streaming might just be the best way to listen to music.

Audiophile Definition

Do audiophile's really use headphones? It's ok to stop at headphones in the pursuit of musical perfection. Sometimes very good is good enough.
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What are noise cancelling headphones? How do they work?

The question of what are noise-canceling headphones comes up more than you would think, so here is our super-simple explanation to help you understand the difference between a sound-isolating headphone and an active noise cancelation headphone.
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Explaining Sound: What is total harmonic distortion (THD)

Audiophile On gives an answer to the question of what total harmonic distortion is and how it affects sound quality in hifi and portable audio systems.
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What are bone conduction headphones?

A lot of people ask about bone conduction headphones and how they work so we made this simple and quick explanation.
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Learn: What is a DAC? – Digital Analogue Converter Explained

Readers of Audiophile On have been asking us just what is a DAC? We give you a quick and simple explanation of how a Digital Audio Converter can make your music sound better.

How to describe sound – An audiophile terminology guide

The audiophile hobby is on that can be confusing for the uninitiated and to accurately identify what you are hearing can be hard.  Thankfully there are a number of descriptors that audiophiles use and you will see these terms used throughout my reviews.
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4 Ways – Make your music sound better for free

So you want to make your music sound better, well maybe it’s not always the fault of your audio equipment. Maybe you need a lesson in critical listening. Here is how to make your music sound better for free.